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Virtual Showroom

Quality means doing it right even when nobody is looking…

Step into the world of indoor luxury with our virtual showroom for garden rooms, annexes, modular classrooms, and sports studios

Explore our wide range of customisable options, from our traditional to modern designs, and get a feel for the high-quality materials, finer details and craftsmanship that go into all of our projects.

Experience the convenience and ease of viewing all our ranges from the comfort of your own home, with the option to request detailed floor plans, 3D renders and personalised quotes.

Our virtual showroom showcases nine of our most popular product lines, including:

  • My Mini
  • My Midi
  • My Maxi
  • My Gym
  • My Office
  • My Custom (x2)
  • My Annexe
  • My Classroom

Each one designed to meet your specific needs and style preferences

Plus, access to our past client show sites are available nationwide, simply send us a message to arrange a viewing

Navigating our virtual showroom is a breeze with these simple tips:

  1. Scroll below to access the showroom from this page
  2. Begin your journey in the reception area
  3. Choose whether to have audio on or off
  4. Use your cursor to move around the space in full 3D for an immersive experience
  5. Follow the flashing floor indicators to explore different locations
  6. Identify the buildings by the large overhead signs
  7. Enter the different studios by selecting the door symbol
  8. Learn more about specific products by selecting the tablet totems outside each studio
  9. Ready for a quote or to discuss a project? Click on the 'Request Quote' button in the footer

P.S, Don't worry if you don't see the exact building or design you're looking for. Our "My Custom" range allows you to create most designs from scratch with the help of our in-house design and engineering teams.

Book your free design consultation and start planning your garden escape today

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